Jeetek Distribution

Jeetek Distribution is a highly diversified trading and distribution company based in the UAE with solid network of partners and clients through out the Middle East. Jeetek Distribution was founded in 2008 during the global recession that paralyzed most industries through out the world.
From its inception Jeetek Distribution thrived due to solid leadership and an unwavering commitment to its founding values. Today, Jeetek Distribution is one of the largest distributors of electronics, telecom and accessories in the UAE and through out the region Jeetek Distribution has also been appointed as a Reseller for Estisalat, offering SIM Cards and other products bundled with devices within Carrefour express. Strengthened by a dedicated team with expertise in Sales & Distribution, Customer service, Logistics and other Channel Marketing Solutions, the company specializes in serving all segments in the GCC including Key Retail, Independent Retail and Wholesale.

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